Images Plugin with Imageset

I’m trying to use the Images plugin and the Imageset together but am receiving the error. How can I go about fixing this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Method Kirby\Plugins\ImageSet\ImageSet::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: imagecreatefromgif(/Users/Cal/git/onu/thumbs/projects/project-1ipg9ni/material_1-placeholder-mosaic.gif): failed to open stream: No such file or directory.

<div class="project-img">
     <?php foreach($project->slideshow()->yaml() as $image): ?>   
          <?php if($image = $project->image($image)): ?>
               <?= $image->imageset([200, 400, 600]); ?> 		    
          <?php endif ?>
     <?php endforeach; ?>

What sort of field are you using for the slideshow? We once had an issue where a gallery field was used in conjunction with filenames with underscore that didn’t work as expected. Seems to be the case here as well.

It’s the images field from the Images Plugin so it could be the gallery field referred to in that post.

Removing the underscores removes the error but now there is no image output

Have you changed the image you selected in the field to reflect the image name change?:innocent: