(image:...) tag now case sensitive since Kirby3?

This is more a statement than a question. I found the solution already.

I have a website running for years on Kirby 2; now I am on rewriting it to Kirby 3. The (image: …) tag places an image of the current page, see (image: …) | Kirby

That means my content .txt file as well as the image itself are in the same content folder. Some of my images have a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and dashes rsp. underscores, and a lowercase .jpg suffix.

Some of my content .txt files contain image names with all lowercase letters, while the .jpg files may also contain uppercase letters. Example:

(image: ism-1100_400.jpg width: 400 alt: Abbildung ISM-1100)

while the exact file name beeing


No problem at all for Kirby 2.

In Kirby 3 I noticed some of my images missing. The HTML reference points to

<figure><img alt="Abbildung ISM-1100" src="http://apollo1/kirby3/ism-1100_400.jpg" width="400"></figure>

where //apollo1/kirby3/ is the root of my local server.

Those working images point to something like

<figure><img alt="Abbildung ISM-1000" src="http://apollo1/kirby3/media/pages/produkte/hochleistungslichtschranken/ism/ism1000/fea5b859e2-1616511427/ISM-1000_400.jpg" width="400"></figure>

in the media folder. I need to name all the (image:…) tags to the exact uppercase/lowercase conformity with the .jpg file names.

Is that a new feature to K3?

Is there a way to make the (image:…) tag case-insensitive again?

Thank you.

PS: My local server is Apache on Windows. The production server is something completely different, I did not test it already.

That’s more an issue with your OS configurations. Some OSs are case sensitive or configured to be case sensitive, some are not.

Windows has never been case-sensitive, unlike Linux.
You can’t have image.jpg and IMAGE.jpg within the same folder; it is the same file under Windows.

My K2 and K3 versions are on the same local Windows server. K2 shows all images, K3 only those with exact filename match.

So I just thought it might be a PHP or Kirby issue.