Image srcset very low in quality

I have the following problem: On a website I am currently working on I have the problem that the image is very low in quality, it’s very weird because this just happens for this one image (it’s a photography with a blue multiplied layer on top, which was made in Photoshop) every other Image is fine on my different viewports.

This is how my setup looks like:

<?php if ($image = $block->fullwidthimage()->toFile()): ?>
    <div class="fullwidth-image">
            src="<?= $image->url() ?>"
            srcset="<?= $image->srcset([
                '800w' => ['width' => 800, 'quality' => 70],
                '1024w' => ['width' => 1024, 'quality' => 70],
                '1440w' => ['width' => 1440, 'quality' => 70],
                '1640w' => ['width' => 1640, 'quality' => 70],
                '2048w' => ['width' => 2500, 'quality' => 70]]) ?>"
<?php endif ?>

Maybe someone had the same problem before

Hi Dennis,

As the issue you are experiencing occurs with a single (Photoshop-processed) image only, could the issue perhaps be with the image/file itself?

If you haven’t already done so I’d double check the image in question to ensure it’s saved in the correct format (regardless of the file extension) and properly optimised.