Image orientation

Does Kirby 3 have a way to retrieve the image orientation such as “portrait”, “landscape”, or “square”?


Yay! So would the implementation would be something like…?

$orientation = Dimensions::forImage($image)->orientation()

<?php foreach ($page->images() as $image) : ?>
    <?php dump($image->dimensions()->landscape());?>
<?php endforeach ?>

Will return true is the image is a landscape image.

orientation() will return the orientation instead.

<?php dump($image->dimensions()->orientation());?>

Shortcuts are also possible:

<?php dump($image->isPortrait()); ?>
<?php dump($image->isLandscape()); ?>
<?php dump($image->isSquare()); ?>
<?php dump($image->orientation()); ?>
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The code you posted above will not work, because the expected parameter is a string (root of file), not an image object.

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