I have 2 question

When I have the foreach loop to get any visible subpages, Instead of showing the subpages on one page, it makes a drop down menu on the menu bar.

and the second question

We need to upload restrict an image size on a certain template. We only want them to be able to upload a certain size image. 300 x 300 dimensions. Any idea how to do this would be great

Thanks all

For your second question, you can add width and height options to the file settings so that it prevents the upload of bigger images, but you’ll still be able to upload smaller ones :

  width: 300
  height: 300 

Another way is to have a panel hook resize the images.

But why don’t you simply create 300 x 300 thumbnails, without restricting the file upload ?

As for the first question, I cannot say anything without seeing your code. :wink:

EDIT: @sylvainjule was faster … but here’s the link to the docs


For the first question, I think you want to know how to make a drop down menu. I have done this by starting out with the nested menu example in the cookbook and then adding Smartmenu to it.