How to use the »page.update:after«-hook in vue-api?

Hi, can´t get the »page.update:after«-hook working in vue-api:

created() {
    this.$events.$on("page.changeStatus",this.reload) // works
    this.$events.$on("page.update:after", this.reload) // does nothing
methods: {
  reload() {
    console.log('reloading!') = this.$store.getters["content/values"]();

What is the correct way to do it?


The only update event that I could find in the source code that is emitted clientside is model.update.

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Works perfectly. Thank you @texnixe.

Hey Sonja.
Do you have an idea how to prevent this event?
model.update doesn’t returns a event-object.

this.$events.$on("model.update", (e) => {
  e.preventDefault(); //e not exists!