How to use k-input to upload/view files on page an set link in wysiwyg


I created a plugin and I use the k-input textarea to display a WYSIWYG Editor in my panel.
Unfortunately, I can’t manage to make it work. When I press the “Datei” Button, I get an Error saying "No route found for path: “undefined/files” and request method: “GET”.
I was thinking, that it should be possible to set the endpoint property in my vue component to { files: ‘api/PAGE_WHERE_THE_PLUGIN_IS_USED’ }

        @input="update({ text: $event })"
        :endpoints="{ files: 'api' + $attrs.endpoints.model }"

Does anybody know, how to use the endpoint property properly?

Thank you

The k-input component doesn’t have these props, see Textarea input | Kirby CMS