How to update a structure via the API?

Is it possible to update a specific entry in a structure via the API?

I can easily update a simple field as explained on this page, however I have no clue if it would be possible to update a specific entry in a structure… I tried but it’s either removing all previous entries or creating a separate entry…


It’s possible if you can identify this specific entry somehow, for example:

$fieldData = $page->structureFieldName()->yaml();

$fieldData = array_map(function($item) {
  if ( $item['somefield'] === 'whatever') {
    $item['otherfield'] = 'somevalue';
    return $item;
  return $item;
}, $fieldData);

$data = Data::encode($fieldData, 'yaml');

// then update page with data

Thanks @texnixe, but I wasn’t clear enough sorry.

Is there a way to update an entry in a structure via a PATCH request? (So no PHP)


Coming back here as I can’t find a solution :frowning:
If one of you have an idea let me know, I’m a bit desperate haha!

You can only ever update the page/fields within a page, not individual items inside a structure field: /api/pages/:id | Kirby

So no matter if you use PHP or not, you need to get the data from the field, make your changes and then update the field content.

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thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: Makes sense!