How to submit checkbox and select field values?

Hey there,

I’m using the plain contactform example and it’s working great, but now I’m going to extend it: additionally to text-input field values I need to submit checkbox and select field values.

I think I do’nt see the forest for the trees… but how can I get data values from this type of fields? I’m trying to do it in the same way, as it is did in the example with text-input fields, but it does’nt worked.

Can you help me please and give me a starting point? Thank You in advance!

What exactly is not working as expected? Could you post your code (the parts that you already have)?

Checkbox example: Form validation - checkbox?

As single select works like a standard input field as far as fetching the data from the field is concerned.

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I’ve found my faults… now it’s working as expected.

The checkbox example helped me a lot, thank you for your fast reply! I’ve read a lot of posts on this forum before asking, but haven’t seen this one.