How to solve my problem with Kirby in Docker?

Hi, I’m trying to deploy a Kirby website to a Docker server. But when I save some text content from panel, It is saving malformed txt. eg: site.txt after save return “T: My Site Title” instead “Title: My Site Title” in YML, Can anyone helpe me?

This is typically a symptom of the mbstring PHP extension not being installed or configured properly.

I’ll defer to another member to explain the process of adding this to a Docker container/instance, as I’m not sure what all needs to go in your Dockerfile to customize the PHP installation.

Ok, thank you for help AugustMiller :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll need to use Composer to add mbstring ext.

I solved it by adding this code in composer.json :smiley:

   "require": {
    "ext-mbstring": "*"
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