How to show children of children in panel?

Hi, I have content type Events, children are “Event”, and then children of Event are “Registration”.

I would like to show “Registration” as lists in panel. For example all registrations of last 3 events. Didn’t find how to do it.

That’s not possible with a standard pages section, but there’s a plugin:

Thanks, is it possible to combine it with this module: As would like to give admin the list of registrations without the need to click on each to see, but to see all fields at once.

No, those are completely different sections and the pagetable plugin doesn’t allow filtering (as far as I know). But you could of course create your own plugin.

What could be the solution to show registrations for editors with all fields visible? pagetable plugin helps to do it, but it replaces all other fields, which I still need, like description:

Not sure I understand. If you replace that Pages section with a pagetable section that should give you want you want to achieve?

Yes, right, I would like to show more fields (to use pagetable) there. Actually I tried one more time, the and now it’s working fine!:

I thought, that using pagetable replaces all other fields, but it was just syntax mistake.

If I want to show the same table with registrations in main panel page (site.yml), you said there is no way to query 3 level pages, but maybe solution could be like this: to add one hidden field to those 3-rd level pages and find by it?

The problem is that both the pages section and the pagetable section do not have a query option. They only accepts a single parent.

If you want to use a query, you have to use @rasteiner’s pagesdisplay section, but then you don’t have the table layout you are after.

I see. pagesdisplay plugin would help to show registrations, but still, I need fields to be visible without clicking, like in pagetable. There could be different scenarios for this, for example, admin would want to check, for what events certain person has registered.

Yes, I understand that but I’m not a magician, I can only tell you what is possible and what is not. You could display that information using the info property.

And you can of course code your own, just a you need it.

Many times you helped so much, that it was really like magic :slight_smile: sure, but thought maybe there is still some way to do it, some guidance would help.

Also thought about info property, but it lets to add only one value, right?

No, you can use multiple values, like this

info: "{{ page.title }} {{ page.whatever }}"

Oh, very good. Thanks. Also thought, maybe it’s possible to make use of native panel search. As it easy finds pages by any field. Only then would be good to display search list as table with fields, as now sometimes can be hard to “read” it without looking inside that page:


Unfortunately, the search doesn’t display table-style info.