How to set default for files type field


I know you can set a “default” blueprint option for a “Files” type field.
I want to set set a default image for some “Files” type field, but not sure how I should set this.


You can pass the path to an existing image file:

  type: files
  multiple: false
  query: site.find("photography").children.images
  default: photography/animals/abba.jpg

This only make sense, if the default image does already exist; you can’t use a default that has to be uploaded first, of course.


Sorry to jump in on this but can I just enter a standard file path for the default value? Like my standard assets path, e. g.: default: assets/img/default.jpg
Or is that only possible with a custom query? Because it doesn’t seem to work for me with:

  type: files
  label: Image
  layout: cards
  max: 1
  multiple: false
  query: page.images
  default: assets/img/default.jpg

I haven’t tested this, but you could try a query in conjunction with a page model. If that doesn’t work, you might as well set the default image in your template if the field is not filled in.

Well, I’m not advanced enough with PHP and Kirby yet to work with page models, so I’m gonna do the template method and ignore the default value for now. Thanks