How to select from the outputted children list?

i’ve used the code below to get exactly the info i want

<?php echo page('events')->children(); ?>

it outputs this list


Perfect! Now this is definitely a noob question but how can I add to this code to just output the first, second, third, etc. in the list.

<?php $p = page('events')->children()->nth(3); ?>

If you want to get more than one specific element, this syntax is not that useful though. I can tell you more if you write what exactly you want to get from the children collection.

Thanks you for your help! Really that simply huh. When i searched the children() function it didn’t even mention the nth() function. I don’t really need any deeper info. I’m trying to inject the ‘events/event-a’ collected from

<?php echo page('events')->children()->nth(0); ?>

into the code below where ‘events/event-a’ is hardcoded

<li class="event-list-item">
                                            <?php $calendar1 = page('events/event-a')->calendar()->yaml(); ?>
                                            <?php foreach($calendar1 as $calendarEntry) { ?>	
                                            	<span class="event-date">
                                                	<span class="date">
                                                            echo date('j',$eventday);  

Unfortunately, i can’t seem to simply store that info in a variable and echo it out into page(’’). What is the proper practice for getting the ‘events/event-a’ from the code above into the code below? Thanks again. Much appreciated!

That would be:

<?php $calendar1 = page('events')->children()->nth(0)->calendar()->yaml(); ?>

Or simpler in this case:

<?php $calendar1 = page('events')->children()->first()->calendar()->yaml(); ?>

The children() method simply returns a Pages object. It has a lot of methods you can use.

Awesome. I really need to improve my php game before my next project. Now if i wanted to dig deeper into that child i would just do something like this

<?php $calendar = page('events')->children()->nth(0)->calendar()->yaml();
                                foreach($calendar as $calendarEntry) { 

                                echo $calendarEntry['eventname'];


It’s starting to sink in.