How to refresh the Panel after updating structure field?

I am writing a plugin that builds Virtual Pages from a third-party API.
I have a structure field in each page, and inside that structured field there is an ‘id’ field, which is given by the reponse from the API.
The problem appears when I add a new row to the structure field in the Panel. I must call the 3rd party API and get an id.
I need to set the value of the id field after making the API call, which I’m making on page.update.after hook.
The problem is that the value of ‘id’ is not displayed in the Panel - the Panel doesn’t ‘refresh’ the value of the structure field after the hook changes it.

is there a way to do that? after update, it will also update the content of the structure field in the Panel?

Maybe @texnixe knows a way for us to “refresh” the Panel? - i.e., let the panel know that it needs to poll the API and update the content of the page again?