How to move Kirby to a new host?

Brand new to Kirby. Currently, live in the WordPress world but we have a client with a Kirby site that wants to move to us from another guy. It looks like since there is no database it should be as simple as moving the files over and then going through the process to upgrade from V2 to V3 is there anything else to it than that that I am missing?

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the docs explain the required steps:

i would recommend to read the local development guide as well.

but feel free to ask questions if you need any help.

Yes, that’s right. You have to make sure that the new host fulfills the requirements for Kirby 2 (and if you upgrade, those for Kirby 3 as well).

You can find the Kirby 2 documentation here:

Note that the biggest step when upgrading to Kirby 3 concerns plugins. Therefore I’d recommend you check what sort of plugins or extensions are present in the old installation to check if these have been upgraded to work with Kirby 3 or if there are alternatives.