How to manage clientbase

so i have this project where i have users each managing separate project pages. each user has a few clients for which he creates content. but the content is unique for each client. so i put a client select field in the panel and the content is displayed filtered by url parameter only for a certain client. in my yml that creates the content i have the following

            label: client
            type: checkboxes
                client 1: client1
                client 2: client2
                client 3: client3

problem is that every user has the same checkboxes(clients), but in reality they should only have a subset. now i wonder how i can achieve a separate client base for each user, ideally to be managed centrally or even that users can manage their own client base. i have no clue how to go about this right now and appreciate any hints.


I’d let the users create a list of these clients in the parent page they manage, then query the clients from there.

hello textnixe, so if i understand it correctly user should create a clients page, and its subpages would be the clients which i then query… i had to get my head around the concept that pages can be any object not only literally pages/ st to display. tnx!

It depends, but I want thinking about a structure field on the parent page of the subpages which contain the client checkboxes field.

will look into structure!
tnx for supporting 1337 haXXorz like me.