How to make the forloop of moving through project pages infinite?

The loop of projects does not allow for continuous loop.
(ie: 1-projectname only allows me to move forward, and 12-projectname only allows me to cycle backwards).

What I’m trying to do is get the loop to be infinite (1 can go back to 12, 12 can move forward to 1, so on).

What am I missing?

Here’s the navigation:

<div class="project-nav">
			<?php if($prev = $page->prevVisible()): ?>
				<a href="<?php echo $prev->url() ?>">Previous Project</a> 
			<?php endif ?> &emsp;
			<?php if($next = $page->nextVisible()): ?>
				 <a href="<?php echo $next->url() ?>">Next Project</a>
			<?php endif ?>

Thank you!

Pls. check out this thread: Navigation / pagination loop, I think it’s similar to your problem.

Thanks @texnixe, problem solved.