How to make a controller for childpages contact form?

I have a carreer page which lists all jobs. These Jobs are child pages of the carrer page.
Now, on each Job Page (/carrer/job-name.php) there is a Form to apply for this job. For 1-2 Jobs I would copy Paste the controllers and that was good enough (may not be best practice though).

Now we are Expanding and somehow want a shared controller for the job pages.

Now, I know I could use Shared Controllers. The thing is though: We also have a contact form in the footer. For that im using the default.php controller to handle the contact form.

Any Idea how to solve this? Im really new to kirby

If the job pages use the job-name.php template, you would put your logic into a job-name.php controller. Controllers don’t work “per page” but per page type.