How to get video size through kirby

Is there a way to extend kirby’s core to get the size of a video, like it is already for images?

Or is it hard to get that because of limitations / problems I am not aware of?

I need this informations so then I can output them through the kirby spad plugin as a json array, and can work that out with javascript to build the frontend.

I can conversely fetch that through javascript, but I need to wait for the DOM to be loaded, and was wondering if I could avoid that altogether by outputting those video size values from the beginning.

What do you mean by size?

Yes, sorry. I mean width and height of the video file.

Looks like ffmpeg-php can do it? any other php / kirby native option?

UPDATE, of course you need to install ffmpeg on the server first. Out of my range in this case.

Yes, ffmpeg or maybe this and then create a plugin

Yep, thank you. Will first try the getID3 plugin.