How to get a page object in a vue plugin?

I’m building a simple plugin, in which i reference other pages on my Website.

This is the blueprint:
type: pages
label: Product
query: site.index.children.template(“product”)

In php i would just create a page object by going $referencedPage = $product->toPage()

How can i do the same thing with Vue for the panel viel/preview?

    product: {
      template: `
        <div v-if="content.products.length < 1" class="placeholder">Enter products ...</div>
        <div v-else class="products">
          <div v-for="(product, index) in content.products" :key="index" class="product">
            {{ product.text }} // how can i product->toPage() here??

Is this even a meaningful approach to achieve this?

Thank you!

I’ assuming this is in a custom block type? See Block factory: Creating your own blocks collection | Kirby CMS