How to get a full absolute directory path with sort numbers from $page object?

I know you can get the $page folder name with sorting number using $page->dirname() or $page->diruri() for the current folder (e.g. 1_foldername). If I use something like $page->id(), I get the nesting, but not the sorting numbers present in the folder names.

How do I get the full path to the current page with sorting numbers on all the parent folder? e.g. (/2_grandparent/3_parent/4_child/1_foldername)

Is there a Kirby method to do this or do I have to go through each segment of $page->id() and dirname() on it in order to build the absolute path? Or do you have a better idea?

The reason I need that absolute file path is to give to F::write in order to create an image file in the page folder from an image Byte array from an API.

For the absolute path in the filesystem, $page->root() would be the right approach.