How to extend search function kirby 2.2 to other fields?

Hello , I wonder if someone can help me resolve this issue.

the new search function in the panel is perfect . but…

I 'm not finding the way to do that besides searching the username and mail , the search extends to other fields, such as first name or surname.

Thank you,

There is no official way of extending the search functionality of the panel. You would have to hack the core, I guess.

if , I figured I’d have to modify the kernel . but seeing the files panel meeting the search is controlled 2 files apparently.

panel / app / controllers / search.php

panel / app / views / search / results.php

in " controllers" are the $ pages and $ users objects but try to call some other data other than username and email the search is broken.

I’m missing something and can not find where .

someone could have a look to see if you find how to do this?

i made it, the files are in panel/app/src/panel/search.php

later, i will post a small tutorial. thanks.

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