How to correctly extend structure field?

Hi there,

I am currently struggling with my intent to extend the structure field within my own field plugin? I built a simple plugin called “Module” to use the StructureField within site/fields/module/module.php.


class ModuleField extends StructureField {


I would expect that it uses the base class StructureField and behaves like normal, but it throws an exception “Invalid field”.

Is there anything I do oversee?

Thank you very much,


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So, it’s solved. Had some misunderstanding and finally got it to work.

Could you please post some information what the issue was and how you fixed it? Might be helpful for other users. :slight_smile:

I just encountered this problem too. May I ask how you did solve this?

I also get this error when editing an extended structure field.
If anyone have much time over and like to dig into this, I think it could help others.

I made some findings about this. I looked in to my snippetfield to find out. I’ve not tested anything but I’m quite sure I’m right.

In the function headline() it says:

$add->attr('href', purl($this->model, 'field/' . $this->name . '/snippetfield/add'));

So for some reason I’ve changed the add url with snippetfield instead of structurefield. That’s because we don’t want to use the route of the structure field.

If we look a bit more there is a function called routes() within the field and it goes magically to the name of the field, in this case snippetfield.

I’ll update this post if I’ll find more.

I ran into this issue as well and unable to fix it. How did you fix the error? Thanks.