How to access kirby panel on german provider strato with kirby 2.5.7

Hey there,

if you’re on strato and updated to kirby 2.5.7. everything might look good until you try to open the panel …
(see this post)

I had this problem yesterday and texnixe offered me the solution. Thank you texnixe!

I published it as a gist. You’ll find it here:

@lukasbestle has put this on the list for 2.5.9, so this should get fixed soon.

Also, fix for 2.5.8, I assume?

@MartinS: No, this is not yet fixed in 2.5.8, because it doesn’t make sense just to revert the changes introduced in 2.5.7. After all, this is a problem with Strato hosting and we have to find another more future-proof solution.

If you are on Strato hosting and want to update to 2.5.8, you have to apply the same changes as explained above.

Yep that´s what I meant, sorry, my question fell too short. So the same fix works for 2.5.7 and 2.5.8 and has to be applied in both since the proper fix is going to be introduced to 2.5.9 :slight_smile:
Thanks for clarifying!