How do you display relative dates (e.g. 1 day ago) in Kirby?

I’d like to display relative dates in a Kirby template. I already have set up blueprints to accept dates, which I can output like this:

$page->date('j M Y');

Is there a simple way to convert this to “time ago”, so instead of 28 Feb 2015 it shows 3 days ago?

You can use PHP DateTime::diff:

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I somehow always hesitated to add this to the core, because of the required translations. Carrying translations around is a huge hassle and it already means a lot of work for the panel. In my opinion the perfect solution would be a plugin based on DateTime::diff.

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How about adding it to the core but returning an array with the amount of days, weeks, years (positive/negative for time in the future/past)?

In this case it’s not only a question of translation but also of word order …

Look at Relative Date & Time (human readable)