How can I set a 1 day timer for Kirby cache?

I release new articles daily based on the published date but because of the cache it doesn’t show up on the site until I clear it in the footer.

You could create a cron job that calls a script that clears the cache every 24 h.

“How” do you “release articles”? If you use the $page->changeStatus() function for that, pages
cache invalidation should be taken care of automagically afaik :thinking:.

That’s true! But to change the status on a particular date, you’d need a cron job (or one of your plugins, I guess).

What @pixelijn said is correct. I check the publish date. The status is already changed to published but I don’t request those interviews if they are in the future. Maybe If there was a way to change the status based on the publish date in the panel automatically.

Maybe I use this