How can i add a lightbox to a kirby theme

Hello i just bouhgt the kaunos theme. I like the theme but it has no lightbox integrated. I wrote to the support in order to discuss about future implemations but they will focus on bugs and new themes. So i have to learn howto implent the lightbox myself. Can anybody give me hints how to implent the Magnific Popup script into kirby? Maybe someone has done so far.

i normally use wordpress a cms and now i want do see if kirby cms can be solution for smaller projects but i find it very difficult to get things done which non standard kirby functions. for me its easier to buy a html bootstrap theme and edit in hmtl to get my site as using kirby and search for dokus to get things done in kirby. Maybe someone has links to change my skill level.

Pretty easy;

  1. Add the css/js files to the respective /assets/ folders
  2. Link to the css in your header snippet.
  3. If not included, add jQuery in your footer and after that the link to your the lightbox js file.
  4. Create a js file for custom stuff and initialize the lightbox as explained in the Magnific Popup Documentation.
  5. Add the php/html to the template where you want the lightbox to appear.