How can I access structure fields in my template?

I tried the structure field example

    label: Addresses
    type: structure
    entry: >
      {{street}}<br />
      {{zip}} {{city}}
        label: Street
        type: text
        label: ZIP
        type: text
        label: City
        type: text

But I can’t figure out how I can access this in my template.

I tried it with:

<?php foreach($addresses as $address): ?>
<div class="address">

  <?php echo $address['Street'] ?><br />
  <?php echo $address['ZIP'] ?> <?php echo $address['City'] ?>
<?php endforeach ?>

But it don’t work :frowning:
Keep in mind that I am totally new to php!

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I’m rather new to Kirby as well and had the same problem. Here’s how I figured it out, but I’m not sure if this is the best way…

You have to parse the field as yaml first, than foreach through every item. Then you access the fields using the bracket syntax $item['field']. Here’s an example with a structure I used to create a slideshow.

<?php $slides = yaml($page->slider()); ?>
<?php foreach($slides as $slide): ?>

	<li class="mastheadSlider_slide">
		src="<?php echo $page->image($slide["image"])->url()?>"
		alt="Bible" />
		<div class="mastheadSlider_info">
			<h1><?php echo $slide["title"]; ?></h1>
			<p><?php echo $slide["text"]; ?></p>
<?php endforeach; ?>

That’s actually the way to go. Kirby does not automatically convert YAML fields as they are just like any other field for the Kirby core (only the Panel knows about the structure field). The yaml() helper is Kirby’s helper to convert the field back to a PHP data structure.

By the way, using the new Kirby syntax you can also write:

<?php $slides = $page->slider()->yaml(); ?>
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Thanks for the answer!

I tried it like this:

<?php $addresses = yaml($page->slider()); ?>
<?php foreach($addresses as $address): ?>
<?php echo $address["street"];?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

But it still not show anything at all

Should probably be “addresses” not “slider”?

<?php $addresses = $page->addresses()->yaml(); ?>

Oh… yeah… Thats it. I am stupid :frowning: Thank you!
Is there a way to put this in a function or something? That its more easily accessible?
As I said, I am a total coding newbie, so maybe thats a stupid question :smiley:

You can either use a controller if the code you want to outsource is specific to the presentation (template) or a model if you only want to extract the YAML conversion part - or a combination thereof.

This example should be added to docs:

Access structure fields from templates:

<?php $addresses = $page->addresses()->yaml(); ?>

<?php foreach($addresses as $address): ?>
  <?php echo $address["street"];?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

It’s already there; but you are right, we should link from the structure field to the yaml() and structure() methods. I’ll put than on the to do list, if it’s not in a pull request yet.

Thanks for your input :slightly_smiling:

Edit: I just added the links to the docs.

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