Hook: File:create:after – File not ready?

Hi together,
I’m having a weird issue with the file:create:after hook. I’m using the hook to start an external transcoding service for the videos. The current flow looks like this:
– file:create:after in Kirby starts an encoding job with the $file->url() and some parameters
– the transcoder fetches the file, transcodes, and calls kirby to store the converted url’s in the meta fields of the file

Now this works perfectly for all files below 50mb. When the files are bigger, the transcoding service fails with the error “source error”, saying he can’t get the file. When I open the url manually it works though.
Is it possibly that kirby needs a bit of time to serve the file correctly after the “file:create:after” is called?

Thank you

It had actually todo with the memory limit of the php server, increasing it made the system work for larger files as well.