Help With Reusing Blueprints in site.yml

I’ve been trying to design a panel for my client. End goal would be a tab in the panel for the blog while hiding the “blog page” from the content tab. When I create the follwoing code, I’m halfway to my goal:

The problem is when I add the tab for the blog section.

With referenced template:

It turns both tabs into this…

Your “pages” and your “blog” tab both use the same identifiers (i.e. drafts, unlisted and listed) for the sections. Since they are still on the same “page” (i.e. site) you cannot use the same twice or you overwrite the previous.

So if you change the ones of your “blog” sections, it should work:

  extends: sections/articles
  headline: Drafts

and you should add parent: site.find('blog') to your articles section to use the blog page/folder for your articles instead of the site.

AH! Fantastic. Thanks @REH. Learning the more advanced stuff with Kirby has been fun/challenging, but this will definitely be my go to CMS for future work!

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That’s great to hear, welcome to the Kirby family :slight_smile: