Help needed with Uniform plugin

I’m struggling right now with the uniform plugin. Good to keep in mind that I’m more frontend designer then developer :wink:
Have followed the steps mentioned on Blog about Uniform

It ends in frustration with this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function uniform() in … /site/controllers/default.php on line 5

Can someone lend a helping hand?

Sounds as if the plugin is not initialized correctly. What does your plugin folder look like?

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Hi you saved my life! :wink: such a newbie failure, I had extracted the zip folder and copied that to the site/plugins/uniform structure.

Upon reading your question it dawned upon me that I should have moved the included snippets into the snippets folder and the rest into the plugins/uniform folder.

what you see beneath here is the contents of the plugins/uniform what it initially was

and now it looks like this and it works :smile:

such a newbie
Pfeww, this saves some head and stomach aches. much appreciated!