Google Maps + Kirby + Kirby Search

I’m looking to build a museum collection catalogue of prints and drawings that will allow visitors to search by the locations depicted in the pictures. Not a professional developer but a museum curator I’ve managed to achieve great things with Kirby so far. My next step though I believe has not been raised in this forum nor in the Kirby Docs.

I’ve set up our online catalogue so that each artwork has its own page within the same collection of pages. And on each page we’ve recorded the longitude and latitude using the GeoLocation plugin.

I’d now like to offer our visitors a search where their search results are echoed onto a Google map in the form of pins that once clicked lead to the related page.

I’ve seen this approach before on many websites - which seems favoured by retailers with many stores allowing their visitors to search for their closest outlet. As a solution it may be relevant yo many more Kirby uses too.

Any help and guidance truly welcome, many thanks, Theodore :slight_smile:

Hello @Theodore
Bastian created a topic a while back which should be of interest to you. Although it’s not a full solution that will suit your needs as-is, there are some key elements that are sure to help you.

There are probably even more advanced solutions already built by other users that could suit your needs. Maybe someone will share their code or provide guidance from past experience!

There is also an official Kirby Geo plugin that helps with locations and radius searches.