Once 2.3.0 is released I hope we are able to add more feedback about what failed.

Can I ask whether it is a requirement (or a suggestion) to have the content directory as a separate git repository?
I can see how it avoids possible conflicts, but in my case, I think a unique branch for the server would be adequate, with the advantage that I can merge in changes that affect content and site/* together.

It is not a requirement to have the content folder as a separate git repository. If you are fine with an all in one solution, that’s perfectly ok. It makes sense, though, to keep user related data and the rest separate.

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i’m assuming this whole plugin doesn’t work anymore?

The description at github explicitly states it works for K3

Some commits are from 3 months ago.

Seems like it should still work to me.

…actually I see it is a different repo, the original repo redirects to this other repo, similar functionality ?

yeah we actually ended up using that one! it works fine on linux or WSL