Get the number of listed pages

I have a list of listed pages and I want to get the number of each page to present next to its title.
for some reason Im having a hard time doing it.

this is my poor try:
page controller


return function ( $page, $site, $kirby ) {

    $random = page('articles')->children()->listed()->shuffle()->first();
    $articles = page('articles')->children()->listed();

    return [
        'articles' => $articles,
        'random' => $random,

page template:

<ul class='articles-list'>
            <a href="<?= $random->url() ?>">
                <h2><?= $random->title() ?></h2>
        <?php foreach ($articles->not($random) as $article): ?>
               <a href="<?= $article->url() ?>">
                   <p><?= $article->pagination()->currentPage()?></p>
                   <h2><?= $article->title() ?></h2>
        <?php endforeach ?>

any idea how to make it work?

I will appreciate any help! :pray:

I realized now that all I need is to use the num() method.
Sorry :pray: