Get the blueprint panel field type in the template

Is there any possibility to get the panel field type from within the templete?


So this would return a string with “text”.

Unfortunately no. The core does not know anything about the Panel and its settings and blueprints.

And how does the panel core loop through the blueprint?
Maybe I could use the same mechanism in a template?

The Panel and the core are two completely different pieces of software. The core is what powers the frontend of your site (and which is usable without using the Panel). Basically the core is the /kirby directory of your installation. Because it is independent from the Panel, you can’t access the blueprint API from your templates.

If you need that information though, you can manually get the path to the blueprint by using kirby()->roots->blueprints() . DS . $page->template() . '.php' and use Yaml::read() with that filename to parse the blueprint.