Get full page url's from "select" option

In my blueprint I have a pull-down that show all available pages on my site;

        label: Button - Anchor
        type: select
        options: pages

But how can I fetch / query (in my template) the full URL that belongs to the chosen page in that pull-down list?

<?php echo $page->button_anchor(); ?>

This code returns the basic slug, not the full URL…

I’ve tried these options, but whatever I do - I still get the basic slug;

- edit - I need the full URL so I can create a link to that page;

<button onclick="location.href=#">click</button>

Where # should be the anchor, fetched from the pull-down…

What does it say when you dump button_anchor() ?

From what I’ve read in the docs, with the pages option, you’ll get a page URI, so you can build the URL like this (not tested it tho :slight_smile: ):

    echo $site->page($page->button_anchor())->url()
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I think you can do something like that in your template file

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Both work - I choose the shortest one, thanks!

The “chaining” queries of Kirby can sometimes be really difficult for me :frowning:

I believe there is also:


You may need to wrap this in a protective if to make sure you don’t call the url method on null.

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