Generating GUID

Hi, I wonder if there is any way to generate a GUID from the panel.
I know (and I currently use for one of my projects) ad AutoID plugin, but it’s a different thing…


Well, I suppose so, but the question seems a bit vague. What exactly do you need, a PHP function to generate a unique v4 UUID? Or how to do it via the Panel? In what way does it need to work differently from the AutoID plugin? Regarding the uniqueness, the “format” of the ID or the way it is applied to a page?

Hi texnixe, thank you for the quick answer.
I would like to identify the pages with a GUID (es. “a8b3a700-e1ac-4f41-a963-77918f00b408”). In my head the GUID would be generated when the page is created. It could be a new field type “GUID”.

I’m sorry. I checked the AutoID documentation and I realized that there is also the hash option.

Then the AutoID plugin could be a good starting point. Instead of generating a hash, generate a GUID and update the page with that.

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