Generating Blob Urls?

Hey there,

I have a site that uses vimeo direct links to display video in html5 and it self hosts mp3 files.
However, I was wondering if it’s possible to generate blob urls in php so that these files aren’t downloadable or viewable (at least easily) when someone views the source of the page.

I was wondering if it was possible in kirby to somehow write some php that will convert urls to blobs. The kinds of urls I’m generating at the moment come from these calls:

<?= $page->video1()->html() ?> which in my case returns a url entered in the project .txt file

or from <?= $page->audio()->first()->url() ?>

also i’m open to any other ways of obfuscating the source of my video and audio files

Blob urls are created with JavaScript in the browser, not on the server side. These links might be helpful:

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