Generate virtual page for file

If I have a file with metadata (title, caption, etc.), what is the quickest way to generate a templated page for this file where I can display the metadata?

Of course, I can display file’s metadata on its parent’s page (e.g.,, but I want a standalone page for this file itself (something like, where filename is the file’s name without the extension—just as an example).

I know I can create a virtual page to display the file info, but I’m wondering if there’s a quicker way.


You can use a route with a specific pattern. But if you want to create single pages for a lot of filestheir handling will probably be easier if you create them as virtual children of the given page model.

Good suggestion. I hadn’t thought of doing it in the page model. Thanks.

I am also looking into creating virtual pages for the files of a specific page. Any chance you (or anyone else) could give me a quick example of what a page model with virtual children would look like? I am not sure where to hook in here.

Edit: Ah, sorry, I jumped the gun. Seems like overriding the children() method is the way to go, as described in the docs: