From one-pager (desktop, tablets) to multipager (mobiles)

Hello altogether!

I have a one-pager built according to the Kirby documentation. When I don’t introduce a redirect in the default.php page it is possible to display the content of sections as pages - for instance with the panel preview. Is it possible to take advantage of this behaviour for displaying the site as a multipage site (instead of a one-pager) on a mobile phone? That could be nice to avoid long scrolling ways, and the “feel” on a small device.

So there should be some kind of redirect on mobiles that replaces the standard home.php with another template.

I imagine something like

if($page->isHomePage() && $page->isMobile(){
    echo (url('intro'));
} else {
    echo url());

What is the proper PHP? And where do I place it without creating an unwanted loop?