Foreach in single page website

Hi, I am trying to change a website I made without using Kirby to Kirby.
This is a single page website, and I need to increase number next to the every class name and id.
and I want to load every page without using like “<?php if ($work01 = page('the-space-between-us')): ?>”…
how can use foreach tag in this code…?

<?php snippet('header') ?>

    for ($i = 0; $i < 1; $i++) {

<?php if ($work01 = page('the-space-between-us')): ?>
    <div class="slideshow">
        <div class="slideshow-box">
            <div class="slideshow-holder">
                <?php foreach ($work01->images() as $workimage): ?>
                    <div class="slide">
                        <?= $workimage ?><br><br>
                <?php endforeach ?>
            <div class="tooltip">
                <p id="myText<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>"><?= $work01->worktitle() ?></p>
            <div class="toolbox" id="myDIV<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>">
                <?= $work01->description() ?>

        <div class="actions">

        <a href="#" class="prev">←</a>
        <a href="#" class="next">→</a>
<?php endif ?>

    var button<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?> = document.getElementById('myText<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>');
    var div<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?> = document.getElementById('myDIV<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>');

    div<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>.style.display = 'none';

    button<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>.onclick = function () {
        if (div<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>.style.display !== 'none') {
            div<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>.style.display = 'none';
        } else {
            div<?php printf("%02d\n", $i)?>.style.display = 'block';


<?php snippet('footer') ?>

thank you very much…!

Where are the pages you want to loop through located in the file system?

If they are all subpages of the content folder

<?php foreach ($pages->listed() as $p): ?>
   <!-- code for each page -->
<?php endforeach ?>

No need for a loop or the if statement.

thank you!! :pray: :blush: :relaxed: