Footnotes for Kirby



I looked into this <br> problem again and cannot find any hint to why the <br> tag is added after each <li> element of the footnotes list.

For now I simply set those <br> mysterious tags to be display: none, but would like to find a cleaner way—aka why that happens.

Could it be that kirby’s text engine treats for some reasons each <li> end of line as a new line (enter key), therefore markdown add a <br> tag?


I can reproduce this issue in a fresh 2.5.8 Starterkit, but can’t find what might be causing this.


we should ping @distantnative and wait for him to have some spared couple of hours?

my intuition would be that the <br> tag is caused from some reasons by kirby’s the basic kirby’s text parser, which reads the enter space as a new line, and therefore translates that as a line break?


I am sorry, but I will only be able to work on an update after Kirby 3 has been released. But I will look into this issue for that new version then.


For some reason the scrolling is not working on Chrome, any one has the same problem?

Thanks in advance