Fontawesome JSON api - Invalid options format

If i try to use the fontawesome json file to list all icons, i get the “Invalid options format” error in the panel. I don’t want to display the icon in the panel (although this would be great) - just the text (eg: fa-home) will do for now.

This is my blueprint

   label: Icoon
   type: select
   options: api
   api: url of fontawesome json

I know similiar questions about implementing fontawesome have been asked before but I haven’t found a solution there. I’ve tried hosting the json file myself, saving it to utf-8, but i can’t get it to work. How can i make this work?

I think the problem is that the JSON file doesn’t have the correct format. For the API to work, you need a set of key/value pairs, see

Thank you for your answer. What would be the best workaround for this problem?

I’d transform the data into a valid format. Then either store the result of your transformation as json file again, or provide the options via a route.

Not sure what you’re trying to do, but this might be of interest to you:

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Wow, i wasn’t aware of a working plugin for Kirby 3. This is exactly what i needed, thank you!