Fingerprint with Valet

I want to use fingerprint ( ) with valet ( ). I can’t get it to work.

sudo nano /usr/local/etc/nginx/valet/valet.conf

Added the ngnix rules

Saved and restarted Valet

valet restart

and i have tried to added a custom config file

cd /Users/macbook/Documents/kirby3-dev
valet secure

cd /Users/macbook/.config/valet/Nginx
sudo nano kirby3-dev.test

Saved and restarted Valet

valet restart

Maybe @sebastiangreger or @bnomei can help with this as there was already an issue for this the contributed to fix:

Hmm. We did indeed manage to get kirby-fingerprint to work on an Nginx server with the described change to the regex, but that was in production, not Valet. Sorry.

Thanks for the insights. Maybe other seasoned Valet users will have a solution.

Fingerprinting or cache-busting files solve a production problem. It ensures browsers will always fetch the most recent asset files instead of using the one it has cached. That’s useful because you don’t have control over your user’s browser.

I use Valet with Kirby since it was released and always deactivate cache-busting in my local config file. Most of the time I work with Dev Tools open (which disables cache) or hard refresh the browser with CMD + R. That’s my recommendation for you.

If you really want to go that route you can always copy the Kirby driver, change it to support cache-busting, and add it as a local driver to your projects root.


Totally agree with @pedroborges here.

@pedroborges I understand that for some developers hard refresh is a solution for production.

I love to have a develop environment that comes close to production environment. If there is a simple solution for using the same plugin on a develop environment, why not? The solution from @bvdputte for using a parameter instead of a hashed filename works great.

The build process for generating the final css is done with Kirby. With a panel hook or a route i’m looping through all the pages to see which section, modules and pages are used and what kind of navigation is active… without Fingerprinting or cache-busting i always needed to do a hard refresh to see the result.