Filter structure field in panel

I have a structure field to add persons to a list. Before I add a person I have to check first if it’s not already in the list. Now I realise the list is getting pretty long and for now I just use cmd+F to search. Is there way to have filter function like a search field for the structure field?

Or would it make more sense to have subpages (a page for each person) instead of a structure field and then use the plugin Pagetable or wait for a feature like this ?


Thanks for any tips !

If you use subpages and the name of. the person is used as title, i.e. then converted to a slug, you will. get an error message anyway. So you don’t have to manually check if it exists?

And no, there is no search feature for structure items.

Ok, thanks a lot ! – that sounds like a good solution then.