Files section with different parent does not work on site blueprint in Kirby 3.0.3

I’m trying to get a file section in the site.yml blueprint to work.
I tested it with this site.yml file in the Kirby Starterkit:

title: Site

    type: files
    parent: site.find('photography')

The following error message is displayed in the panel:
" The section “test” could not be loaded: Argument 1 passed to Kirby\Cms\Site::is() must be an instance of Kirby\Cms\Site, instance of Kirby\Cms\Page given, called in C:\starterkit\kirby\config\sections\files.php on line 114"

In Kirby 3.0.2 it seems to work well. Only Kirby 3.0.3 seems to be affected by this issue.

Can someone double-check this. I’m not sure if this is a bug, intended behavior or something on my end.

I can pinpoint it to this change made in 3.0.3:

Seems like a bug to me. Create an issue:

Thank you for verifying and reporting this issue.

Will be solved in upcoming 3.1