Files section not storing sort order

We are currently trying to debug an issue on a site with a files section that does not store its sort order on the server:

From what we know from our client, they uploaded new files, sorted them but got a different sort order on the frontend. Trying other sortings didn’t work either. They are using Safari.

We were able to confirm the wrong sorting and noticed that there was no sort order stored in the content files. Sorting the files in the panel using Firefox changed this immediately.

Now this is happening on an older Kirby version (3.3) and I have two questions before digging any deeper:

  1. Is there a known issue with sorting in Safari in this version?
  2. Has anything changed with regards to sorting in the latest releases that might fix this issue?

Thanks for your help!

This is the only one I could find at a quick look, File sorting doesn't work in files sections that use "parent" · Issue #2617 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub

But having a look at the changelogs of the recent updates might help .

Thanks @pixelijn. It seems to be Safari specific as it’s not a general issue.