Files field error when subpage has same slug as parent

Odd error here – perhaps someone has some experience or suggestions.
The issue happens when I have a content page with folder name ‘abc’ and then a subpage within that, also named ‘abc’ (sort number seems unimportant for either).
Then in the parent page if I use a files field, select a file, save and reload, the field will delete itself and revert to its empty state. (Actually, looking at the txt file in mamp, it never saves. EDIT actually overwrites as empty) If I change the subpage’s slug to ‘xyz’ (or whatever) then the parent’s files field operates as expected. This happens both locally in mamp and uploaded to my webhost.
The parent and subpage are from different blueprints.
I can’t see what the connection between files field and the pages’ slug would be and can’t find a workaround other than changing the url though that is not desirable for my client in this instance.
Any thoughts? (I’ve tried recreating the structures from scratch, tested locally and online but still get the same problem)

Are you using the latest Kirby version 3.5.3?

Thanks, yes, good question.
Just downloaded latest startertkit, replaced kirby folde,r and tested – the issue is still there.

also tried trashing the plugins folder – issue persists.

There will be new patch release today, maybe wait if that fixes it, if not, we’ll create an issue.

Thanks. Tried that latest patch but still have a problem.
Some more detail though if it’s helpful… if I change the field query to another page then the field saves normally – so page.children.images or site.find(‘somepage’).images is good and the field saves as expected. At this point if I change the query back to page.images (or files, code etc), add an image then the field retains those saved from other pages but won’t save the local image.

Could you please post the blueprints for the parent and children pages?

parent page: Dropbox - test.yml - Simplify your life
subpage/s: Dropbox - subpage.yml - Simplify your life

(do these links work here? sorry, not familiar with the forum interface)

Thanks, I can reproduce the issues in my local install. That seems to be some weird bug.

I have experienced exactly the same bug. Thanks to @duncanmunro for the hint with renaming the slug — this helped me, too.

I :heart: this forum :smiley:

Leaving this here for reference: