Files columns in blueprint using tabs

Hi all,
Is it possible to have files part in a blueprint using tabs ?
I mean I want to have files sections and not fields. And 2 columns to better show them.
Like this example but here is files in fields.

Thanks for your help !

  # other tabs here
  # ...
    label: Vos Documents
      - width: 1/2
            type: files
            template: rapport
            type: files
            template: budget
          # other sections here

      - width: 1/2
            type: files
            template: compte
            type: files
            template: statuts
          # other sections here

something like this?
You need to give each section a template to keep the lists of files separated, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between a “budget prévisionnel” pdf and a “rapport d’activités” pdf, for example.

Thanks @rasteiner !
Works fine separately but not after a sections with fields.
In fact I want this files upload to be after the 01 headline + text fields part :

solution found :grinning: ! just had to create a first column element with width: 1/1 before !!

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Here is the result :

Thanks for guiding me on this way @rasteiner !

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