Files -> Add Alt Text/Description

I have received a Kirby page from a new customer, version 2.3.1.
I have now watched some tutorials and think I have understood the Kirby system so far.

What I need now. The customer wants to have alternative text or description text to images.

When I follow the file in the CMS/Panel I land here on a page that looks like this in the url


On the right side I now have filename, type/size/dimensions and public link. See also the screenshot I attached.

I think here I need now an additional field, for zb Alternativer text.

I would like to have this additional information available when accessing the file, e.g. also in a for each loop then.

But I don’t understand how I can insert this here now.

You can add additional fields to files like described here:

On a sidenote: Kirby 2 reached EOL on Dec 21, 2020. Your version 2.3.1 is really old, the latest and last Kirby 2 version was 2.5.14.

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